Monthly Archives: November 2014

Come paint my wagon (or saddle!)

Dear Sis,

Just when you think life is getting boring, under the door slips a note from the building management. They want to alert me to the fact that in a few days they will be painting the saddle (threshold to you and me!) of my apartment door and will I please ensure that the door is open or at least accessible for this momentous occasion.

The colour of the paint will be black and no they will not be painting the actual doors – which are taupe (beige?). The threshold is blackish – well its black and white in that it is made of marble. Why anyone would want to paint marble is beyond me but the powers that be obviously know more about saddles than little old me. But I gets to thinking – surely paint on marble will peel fairly quickly especially as I tend to step on it sometimes when entering or exiting my apartment. Not to mention the likely damage from the wheels of a shopping cart or a suitcase.

I seek out the maintenance chappy and he confirms that indeed black paint has been ordered for the thresholds – but “with the approval of the resident”. Aha! So I don’t have to have my lovely threshold blemished by black paint. I strongly voice my negative decision concerning the saddle and trot happily back to my apartment, noticing that mine is actually rather dull and dusty. A good cleaning and spot of polish does the trick and I smugly re-enter my apartment and lock the door.

There is no picture of the threshold for you to peruse – it is just too boring a subject!

Love, etc.