Nature’s fury!

The skies have blackened. Frogs are chirping. Birds are making themselves scarce except for one in the old oak tree that is signalling a warning. There is rumbling at a distance but definitely coming closer. There is no actual Fall here in Central Florida – leaves fall whenever the wind picks up, as it is now. The sky looks ominous.

The temperature has dropped about 7 degrees in the last half hour as we had a brief burst of rain then. But this looks more serious. The dusk-to-dawn lights outside the garage have come on and its only 4.50pm.


I am waiting for it to let loose and really give a show of nature at its most impressive. The air has stilled. The Muscovy ducks at the pond are like statues. No birds are tweeting now. Even the frogs are silent.

Here it comes now. Just in time for rush hour. Heavy rain drops fall on the drainpipe extension making a loud metallic click. Lightning to the West of me. The sky is ashy now and the rain is coming down in full force.

Hooray. At last. What a fantastic show!


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