Feathered Love

I’m sitting at my outside dining table on the pool deck of my house here in Central Florida watching birds feeding on the seeds I put out for them. It is a gazebo-shaped feeder, with perches forming a ring round the outside. The tubular-shaped feeders with tiny perches sticking out perpendicular to the tube are suitable only for the smallest of birds, like sparrows who have no problem at all emptying the feeder in one day. But I particularly wanted to attract Northern Cardinals.

Daily visitors to my yard are one or two pairs of cardinals – never at the same time as they are fiercely territorial – and mourning doves who feed from the ground on fallen seeds. They are way too large to get on the feeder itself.  Grey Catbirds want only the loquats on the trees at the back, favoured also by Cedar Waxwings.  The fruit is now finished so the Waxwings have departed for greener pastures!

Today there are two blue jays. They are always fairly vocal and gregarious while flying in and out of the garden, feeding on the ground or just hopping in and out of the bushes.

blue jay

Recently, one blue jay has begun to cling precariously to the feeder – he is too big to sit in the proper manner on the feeder’s perches. He hangs almost upside down while frantically grabbing as much seed as he can – flapping his wings and hanging on for dear life. He comes to the feeder many times and flies back to the small trees about 15 feet away.

I notice the second blue jay staying in the bushes. I use my binoculars to get a really good view of them and I see the blue jay who has been at the feeder passing seeds from his beak to the other blue jay. They both munch away happily on their seeds.

This is the beauty of Feathered Love.


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